The Who, What, Where, When and the Why of

The Who : we are a semi retired couple. Roy is a licensed master electrician and contractor. Very skilled at anything mechanical and enjoys carpentry. Elle was a corporate Director by trade but is described as being creative. Enjoys cooking new dishes ( when time permits ) and decorating, family “cruise” director and planner of the honey do list.

The What : is a blog based on our first 2 years of RVing Full Time. I guess you can call it tips but there is a lot of research that goes into making a decision. We had never been RVing before. Last place lived in was a 4 bed 3 bath double garage and full basement. Now that takes some serious downsizing!!! Use our blog as another resource or another way to look at it : we did the work for you.

The Where : travelling the continental United States for now. In 2 years we have visited 27 states. In order to be able to say we visited, 2 nights are required. This is our own little rule we have put in place.

The When : is new as of Feb 2023. However, we have been travelling for 2 years. First in a TT to see how the lifestyle suited us. We LOVED the freedom and the excitement of seeing new places and experiencing different part of the country. So we bought a Ford250 and a new 5th wheel one year into the plan.

The Why : Now, this is the biggest question we get from friends and family! Why would you move from your 3000sq foot house to a tiny RV? Well, the simple answer is that we still able to take on this lifestyle : physically and monetarily. At 59 and 65 we felt we needed to do something that was discovery based. And I always answer “why not!”



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