How many times have you run out of propane during a cold snap? Furnace turns off during the night and you are soooo cold in your rig that it wakes you and your family up?

 Both of these incidents have happened to me. So, enough of trying to “remember” when the propane tank was changed or guessing how full it is.

I went exploring to find an easy solution.

My first choice when doing the research work for this particular problem was YouTube. Several videos later I felt I understood the solution. Next stop was to Amazon and quickly found the brand and the model that I felt would be best for our situation.

Mopeka : Tank Check LP with Monitor Kit

In looking through the positive reviews, I pulled the triggered and ordered the product.

As usual, Amazon delivered as promised 2 days later. This was a very easy set up and install and the best part, it required no tools. I can now check the volume left in the tanks from the inside comfort of the rig. No bundling up at 3am to go outside.  The digital readout pad has been accurate. 

Top 5 Things

  1. Easy to install
  2. Accurate wireless digital read out pad
  3. No going outside to check your volumes in tanks
  4. No more cold mornings or freezing nights
  5. Cost effective solution




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