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           We were brand new to full time RVing in 2020.            If you are just starting out or seasoned weekend pros turning full time, issues are sure to present themselves. We did the research and there are lots of opinions out there about RVing. We have tested our recommended solutions and feel we are offering good products and actions to improve your full time RV adventures. See a bit about our travels : the good, the bad and the ugly. 

The good

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the bad

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the ugly

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Our Favorite Places 

       Check out some of our fav places.            RV parks, dining, shopping, attractions  and some quirky things we have seen  along the way. 

RV Parks 

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dining out

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Travel Trailer then onto 5th Wheel Living 

In starting our RV adventure, we purchased a 34 foot travel trailer. Were we going to like our home being on wheels? Could we go from 3500 sq foot house to living full time in such a tiny space? After 18 months, and deciding it was for us, we bought a 40 foot 5th wheel. Three basic questions to ask yourselves BEFORE the adventure starts.  


This is tough to get used to. But living with less is far easier. Really it is!! However, if you are not ready to depart with or store your goods, this may not be for you. I was a unabashed collector of stuff….now I just collect wonderful experiences. 


Biggest eyes wide open aha- moment is that one of you needs to be a seasoned handy person. If you have had an RV of any kind you know there is maintenance and repairs. Expenses will be significant using mobile RV techs or dealers. 


Personal observation on this topic. You gotta have a hobby! Think rain days, nights in or just for fun activity. All that time spent working, commuting, house care etc etc can be for something you love. 

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A Little About Us

Roy is the researcher, Elle is the tester and we recommend         products, services and ideas together. Scoob always agrees with Elle ( BTW ) 


Master Electrician & Fixer of All


Best Pom Chi Ever  

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The Who, What, Where, When and the Why of The Who : we are a semi retired couple. Roy is a licensed master electrician and contractor. Very skilled at anything mechanical and enjoys carpentry. Elle was a corporate Director by trade but is described as […]

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